Calling All Movie Fans

Don’t miss out on discounted movie ticket opportunities close by!

Studio Movie Grill:  All day every Tuesday, tickets are just $5; and there are other special savings on food and beverages. Check out what’s playing at at Hayden and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Roadhouse Cinemas:  Every Wednesday, for seniors only, tickets are $4 for every movie before 4:00 PM. Their Happy Hour is Monday – Friday, from 3 to 6 PM, with ½ price beer, wine and margaritas and ½ of select munchies. The food is very good!!

Also, every Tuesday, movies are only $6, which is another nice savings!!

Harkins Shea 14:  Every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM, it’s Tuesday Night Classics for only $5! You’ll see greats like Dirty Dancing, An Affair to Remember, Psycho (1960) and lots more. You can check it out on their website, at Tuesday Night Classics to see what’s on!