Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the commonly asked questions about life at La Contessa.  If you’re an owner or long-term renter, and you don’t find what you’re looking for, we suggest you login below and create an account. Within the Owners section we’ve posted the CC&R’s and Rules for your reference, as well as other community specific information.

You may also contact us through the “Contact” page; or, call Jill Rieke at AMCOR Property Professionals, Inc. They are available Monday through Friday, during business hours, at 480.948.5860 x119.

Yes, pets are permitted by owners or renters. All pets must be registered and vaccinated against rabies. A pet registration form is available in the Owners section (you must have created an account  and be logged in to access the form).

The followig restrictions apply:

  • No more than one domestic pet per unit (no exotic animials)
  • Dogs and cats must be 35 pounds or less
  • Pets must be on a leash and under owner’s control at all times
  • Owners must clean up after their pets or be subject to a $25 fine

Doggie bags for disposal of pet waste are available on the east side of the clubhouse, near the mailboxes.

Please be sensitive to you neighbors and insure your pet is not a nuisance (e.g., excessive barking).

Additional information can be found in the condo’s CCRs also available in the Owners section.

The condo units are not to be rented for hotel or transient purposes which are defined in the CCR’s as:

(a) A rental period of less than 30 days

(b) Any rental if the occupants of the Unit are provided customary hotel service such as room service for food and beverages, maid service, laundry and linen service and bellboy service.

For additional information, please see the CCR’s Section 7, Use Restrictions. A copy of the CCRs is available in the Owners section; you must have created an account and be logged in to access the CCR’s online.

An owner may rent or lease their unit, provided the lease is in writing and is in accordance with the condominium CCRs.  Any owner who leases their unit shall provide an Owner/Landlord Tenant Registration Form and Agreement to the Association within 10 days of its execution. A copy of the Tenant Registration Form is available for download from the AMCORP website. You must create an account and be logged in to access this form online.

Yes, the function room can be reserved for personal functions. You are required to complete a form and submit a small fee to cover the cleaning charges. Contact AMCOR Property Professionals, Inc., for more information.

If you need to touch up paint around your condo, the paint used to paint the units is:

Dunn Edwards SpartashieldLa Contessa Stucco Code 1000005034 B312-2653

Gate cards or remote gate openers may be purchased through the Association. Please contact AMCOR Property Professionals,  Inc. at 480.948.5960 to arrange for a pick up. There is a charge for a gate card and remote opener.

  • Use the A-Z button (located on lower right corner of the entry system) to scan through the names stored in the directory.
  • Names appear in alphabetical order and can be scanned at high speed holding the button down, or pressing and releasing the button as each name appears.
  • Once the resident’s name is displayed, press the CALL button or enter the 3-digit code on the directory keypad to call the resident.
  • The resident will activate the gate from their phone.

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